Ethnologie, généralités

Les chasseurs-cueilleurs vivent-ils dans des habitats plus marginaux et plus pauvres que les autres communautés ? Il semble que non, du moins en comparaison avec les autres sociétés non-industrielles.

Do modern hunter-gatherers live in marginal habitats? [PDF]
Cunningham et al.
Journal of archaeological science: reports, 2019

We found that the nature of the NPP-PD relation-
ship varied by subsistence type, and that foragers did not occupy significantly lower net primary productivity
habitats compared to other subsistence types. These results do not support the MHH. We conclude by discussing
the limitations of using modern ethnographic datasets to address the MHH and suggest alternative ways in which
it may still be relevant.

How marginal are forager habitats? [PDF]
Porter & Marlowe
Journal of archaeological science, 2007

Our results show that foraging societies worldwide do not inhabit significantly more marginal habitats than agriculturalists. In addition, when the warm-climate subsample is used, foragers occupy habitats that are slightly, though not significantly, more productive than agriculturalists. Our results call into question the marginal habitat criticism so often made about foragers in the ethnographic record.

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