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Débat chasse-charognage chez les premiers humains [Page]
Sexe, genre et évolution : division du travail [Page]
Page sur les femmes chasseuses recencées par l’ethnologie [Page]


The Makapansgat proto-human australo-pithecus prometheus [Extrait]
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Show off hypothesis

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Costly signaling theory applied to humans

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In Women in Prehistory: North America and Mesoamerica
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Evolution of the
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Erika Lorraine Milam
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From Pan to Man the Hunter: Hunting and Meat Sharing by Chimpanzees, Humans, and Our Common Ancestor [PDF]
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La chasse, une histoire avec le pouvoir [Texte]
Christophe Baticle
The Conversation, 3 septembre 2020

Female hunters of the early Americas [Texte]
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Science advances, 2020

La chasse est-elle à l’origine de l’émergence du genre humain ? [Texte]
Raphaël Hanon
The Conversation, 2020

Women were successful big-game hunters, challenging beliefs about ancient gender roles [Texte]
Vivek Ventakaram
The Conversation, 10 mars 2021

Quel rôle a eu la chasse dans l’évolution de l’homme? [Texte], 21 mars 2021

The male breadwinner nuclear family is not the ‘traditional’ human family, and promotion of this myth may have adverse health consequences [PDF]
Rebecca Sear
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Series B, May 2021

No sustained increase in zooarchaeological evidence for carnivory after the appearance of Homo erectus [PDF]
Barr et al.
PNAS, 2022



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